Hourglass Body Massager Brush

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Hand-crafted from natural materials, this body massager brush is wonderful for self-pampering and is a must have item for smooth and stimulated skin. Fitted with multiple massage nodules, the Hourglass Body Massager Brush offers an ergonomic feel, sturdy, grip and aids in effectively reducing the appearance of cellulite while ridding the body of stress and aches that can be felt throughout the day. 

How it Works
As we age, our body and skin need help eliminating toxins and reducing tension. Dry brushing and massaging daily helps keep skin in tip top shape and reducing any aches and pains from everyday life.. 

The Philosophy
Traditional chinese meditation and medication teaches massaging and brushing (also known as Gua Sha) as a technique to not only relieve stress and tension, but to also increase and move energy around the body. It is believed that when the body experiences muscle tension, it is caused by a buildup of misplaced energy in the affected area.

+ Dimensions: 3.07 x 2.1 x 1.10 inches
+ Thick massage nodules are uniquely shaped and specialize in applying suitable pressure levels to inflamed and affected parts of the body.
+ Hand-crafted and painted one by one for guaranteed quality and one of a kind brushes. 

+Pain: Body massagers and dry brushes are known to relieve muscle soreness and inflammation. Hand-crafted to fit comfortably in the user’s hand for easy use and quick relief to common problem areas such as the back, legs, neck, shoulders and feet.
+Illness: Relieving built up pressure in the body has been shown to aid in reducing the side effects of fibrosis and early stages of menopause. Daily massage and dry brushing also provides natural relief from headaches. 
+Anxiety: Setting time aside for this daily routine helps to relax and reduce anxiety. Massage and dry brushing has been seen to aid in improving overall mental health, relaxation and melting away anxiety.
+Cellulite: Daily massage and dry brushing stimulates the skin, boosts circulation and helps to smooth rough skin. Consistent use over time is a natural way to combat and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
+Skin Improvement: Dry brushing is wonderful for natural exfoliation and increasing circulation. With consistent use, smoother, tighter, more vibrant and youthful skin is revealed. 

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