Tan Mujiang

Charming Plum Blossom


The Plum Blossom is the national flower of China. This delicate, pink colored flower is a symbol of strength, beauty and renewal. The blooming of the plum blossom is a reminder of renewal. The plum tree is seen to stand in the midst of winter, when the snow is slowly melting as a force that would withstand all winter long.

The Plum Blossom is celebrated as a vitality of life, allowing the people to know that it is important to persevere through hardship and remain hopeful that life itself will regenerate.

Benefits of Wooden Combs: 

  • Helps Regrow Hair: Wooden combs and brushes have the ability to give your head a scalp massage. By simply brushing your hair daily the teeth will increase blood flow and bring hair nutrients to the root of your hair follicles. Doing this will help with speeding up the hair growth process
  • Anti-Static: Because of wood's properties you will not have staticy hair after you brush.
  • Conditions Hair: Wood is very porous and due to this natural oils in your hair will be absorbed and evenly disturbed throughout your hair. This will keep your hair follicles from being dry.
  • Helps with Dandruff: Since wood properties help evenly distribute oils throughout you hair, wooden combs and brushes will help keep your scalp from getting dry which causes dandruff.
  • Minimizes Hair Loss: Plastic bristles and combs will snag and break your hair. Wooden combs glide through hair causing less hair on the comb when you are finished.

Product Description: this beautiful Plum Blossom inspired comb is hand carved and hand painted on natural wood. The comb is incredibly durable and smooth. It will leave your hair feeling soft and silky. Enjoy a more natural way of combing your unruly hair without pulling it out.

Length: 16*4.5*0.8

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