Tan Mujiang

Wooden Teeth Inserted Hair Comb

$29.99 USD

This Hair Comb Use high quality and natural wood which is handmade by CARPENTER TAN's carpenters. We use inserted tooth technology which is CARPENTER TAN's patent and hand-polished by our carpenters to promise the comb smoothly and sleekly. In this way, it could touch your hair effectively and especially comfortable for long and curly hair. The hair comb's back is fit for the wood lines, so that it make this comb hard to break and feel comfortable.



+ Size: 8.1 x 6.2 x 0.8 inches
+ Material:Chanate, belonging to Meliaceae. Latin Name: Lovoa sp.Place of Origin: Africa.
+ Teeth-inserted hair comb is one of the patents of Tan Mujiang's manufacutrue technologies.
+ Suitabel for long, curly, thick hair. Very good at scalp massage.

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