FSC Certified Beech Wood Metal Pin hairbrush FSJUM-004

SKU: P114F3120001


Product description

1. Size: 250*85*15 mm, 9.84*3.35*0.59 inch
2. Natural beech wood is used as material, with elegant color and beautiful wood grain.
3. The air-cushioned hair care comb is designed with copper needle hair pin to enhance the effect of hair entry, the combing experience is superior, and the combing will not hurt the hair.
4. Use lines to depict the pattern of trees and tree shadows, echoing the design concept of natural, green and healthy, minimalist design, in line with contemporary aesthetics.
5. The comb body and the handle is wide, which makes it easy to hold and easy to use.
6. FSC Certified 100% Natural Beech Wood with high quality

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