SKU: C40421130049


Material:  Chacate Preto

Size: 63.3*7.3*0.8cm

Package dimension: 19.2*13.2*4.2cm


The original is a lacquer grate of the Han Dynasty. It is painted with red, yellow and green on a black background. One side is decorated with the crescent moon and dots, and another side is decorated with beaded line checkered pattern, filled with dots, and the bottom with beaded line pattern.

+ The front is decorated with crescent moon and cloud patterns, with a beautiful artistic conception; the back is outlined in dots, like stars in the sky, depicting a magnificent picture of stars above the sky.
+ Made with wood splicing technology, the structure is stable, strong and durable; using lacquer art process, the color of the pattern is bright.
+ The comb body is hand-polished by craftsmen, and it feels fine and smooth. The roots of the comb teeth are rounded, It’is not easy to hook the hair when using it.
+ 正面装饰以弯月、云气纹,云月相伴,意境优美;背面以点状勾勒,宛若空中星斗,描绘了长空之上、星汉灿烂的壮阔画面。
+ 合木工艺,结构稳固、结实耐用;采用漆艺工艺,画面颜色明快鲜艳。
+ 梳体经匠人手工打磨,手感细腻光滑;梳齿齿根倒圆,使用时不易勾发,梳发不伤发。

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