Charm of Qin Dynasty

SKU: C40405130001


Material:  Planchonella sp & Boxwood

Size: 63.3*7.3*0.8cm

Package dimension: 19.2*13.2*4.2cm


The original is the wooden grate of the Qin Dynasty. The front of the wooden grate is a farewell scene. In the middle, the man and the woman stand opposite each other. On the back is the sumo scene, the two are fighting hard, and the referee on the right is concentrating on judging the two.

 + The front is a farewell scene, and the back is a sports game scene. The picture is fresh and full of stories.
+ The wood splicing process enriches the texture of wood; the lacquer process gives the comb a rich color and a modern touch.
+ The comb body is handcrafted and feels delicate. The tips are round and smooth, good for the scalp and hair. The comb teeth are arranged reasonably, and avoid hooking and breaking the hair.
+ 梳子正面为送别场景,背面为运动博弈场景,画面鲜活,充满生活气息和故事性。
+ 漆艺工艺赋予梳子丰富色彩,为之增添了现代气息。
+ 梳体经匠人打磨,手感细腻。
+ 齿尖圆润光滑,呵护头皮与发丝。梳齿排列合理,不拉扯头皮,避免梳断发丝。

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