Double Deer

SKU: C43515080003


Material:  Black Rosewood

Size: 63.3*7.3*0.8cm

Package dimension: 19.2*13.2*4.2cm

The original is a horned grate from the Warring States Period, on which two lifelike deer are carved, which are extremely vivid and expressive, showing a robust and galloping vitality.

+ Made of selected precious black rosewood, mellow and subtle.
+ The body of two deer is opposite, the head of is facing, the tail is connected, and the hind legs are staggered, making a running pose, vivid and expressive. Hand-carved and meticulously crafted, every deer is vivid and dexterous.
+ Made with wood splicing technology, the structure is stable, strong and durable. The comb teeth are polished and rounded, and the tips of the teeth are spherical.
+ Handleless comb design, the comb is small and exquisite, easy to carry around. Each one is polished by hand by craftsmen, the comb body is smooth and feels delicate.
+ 精选名贵黑酸枝材质制作,木色深沉、醇厚含蓄。
+ 鹿身相背,鹿首相向,鹿尾相连,后肢交错,作奔行状,生动传神。手工雕刻,精工细作,每一只小鹿都生动灵巧。
+ 合木工艺,结构稳固、结实耐用。梳齿打磨圆润,齿尖呈球形,梳发同时,亲呵头皮。无柄梳设计,梳型小巧精致,方便随身携带。每一把都经由匠人手工打磨,梳体光滑,手感细腻。

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