Deep Love Hair Brush

SKU: C41408130001


The Deep Love Hair Brush is a beautiful tool to add to your everyday hair care routine. Handcrafted and carved, each brush is made with care then hand painted producing a one of a kind statement piece. Suitable for all hair types, the Deep Love Hair Brush is fitted with rows of quality bristles that help to reduce breakage and prevent snagging, tugging and pulling when in use. Its bristles come with massaging tips at the ends that aid in reducing frizz and damage while helping to distribute important natural oils from roots to ends making flyaways a thing of the past. Padded ventilation and its simply shaped handle allows for easy grip and comfort while styling and brushing. A simple build paired with lovely design elements makes the Deep Love Hair Brush a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. 

Recommended Use
+ Once daily. Ensure your tips are detangled first before working your way to the crown. Once finished, flip your head upside down to stimulate blood flow and brush from roots to tips. Doing so helps to massage the scalp, distribute natural oils evenly, oxygenate and eliminate product build up from the scalp.

+ Size: 7.8 x 2.3 x .7 inches
+ Handcrafted from high quality natural wood.
+ Wooden brushes eliminate and prevent static flyaways revealing smooth, well-nourished hair.
+ Dandruff control through effective natural oil distribution.
+ Reduces hair loss. Plastic alternatives are more prone to snagging when in use, resulting in breakage.

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