Flower& Crescent Moon

SKU: C40001140001


Material:  Boxwood

Size: 13.7*4.7*0.8cm  

Package dimension19.2*13.2*4.2cm


The original is a hollow jade comb, the back of the comb is engraved with floral patterns, which is like braided with fine ropes, and the workmanship is exquisite.

+ The comb shape is like a crescent moon, and the shape matches the wood color, which is gentle and graceful. The floral patterns seem to be braided by ropes and ribbons, which are connected to each other, and the lines are full of agility.
+ Hollow-out craftsmanship creates a lace effect, gorgeous and romantic.
+ Embellished with rhinestones, which are clear, bright, dazzling.
+ The roots of the comb teeth are rounded, which is not easy to hook hair.
+ 梳型如弯弯弦月,造型与木色相衬,温柔婉约。花卉纹样好似绳带编结而成,相互贯通,线条充满灵动感。
+ 镂空工艺,营造出蕾丝花边效果,通透轻盈、华丽浪漫。
+ 水钻点缀其上,剔透璀璨,闪耀夺目
+ 梳齿齿根倒圆,不易勾发。

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