Flower Shadows

SKU: C40421130051


Material:  Chacate Preto


Package dimension19.2*13.2*4.2cm


The original is a golden comb back in the Tang Dynasty. The original is decorated with fine patterns by molding. The edge of the back is plaited with gold wire to form a curly grass pattern, and the outer edge is connected with gold beads to form an arc edge, and the bottom is covered with a curly grass pattern. The leaf-shaped rosettes are filled with fine gold beads.

+ The Roll Grass Pattern is the main design element, which is symmetrical, neat and atmospheric.
+ The patterns are intricate, subtle and deep, creating a contrasting color with the wood color, which is beautiful and classy.
+ The comb is small, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and it is extraordinarily gorgeous.
+ The tips are round and smooth, good for the scalp and hair. The roots of the comb teeth are rounded, which is not easy to hook hair.
+ 以卷草纹为主要设计元素,纹样对称,工整大气。
+ 花纹繁复精妙与深沉,木色形成撞色,美观大气。
+ 梳型小巧玲珑,工艺精湛,分外华美。
+ 齿尖圆润光滑,呵护头皮与发丝。梳齿齿根倒圆,不易勾发。

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