Tan Mujiang

Emerald Bird Detangling Hair Brush

$29.99 USD

Size:3.9 x 2.93 x 0.66 inches

Material:Guatambu Wood

+ Hand-crafted and painted to ensure quality and one of a kind hair brush.
+ Easy maintenance! Simply rinse this hair brush under cold water and allow to air dry.
+ Static free product.
+ Wooden bristles help to massage the scalp and distribute natural oils thoroughly revealing nourished hair. Say goodbye to flyaways!
+ Wide teeth reduce damage, tugging, pulling or snagging.
+ Ventilation holes in bristle pad allow for circulation and added comfort when brushing or styling.
+ Compact size is great for everyday carry or on-the-go travel. This hair brush fits anywhere you go and leaves additional room in your carry-on.
+ Suitable for all hair types and may be used on dry or wet locks.
+ Available in multiple colors and styles to suit different preferences!

Recommended Use
+ Once daily. Ensure your tips are detangled first before working your way to the crown. Once finished, flip your head upside down to stimulate blood flow and brush from roots to tips. Doing so helps to massage the scalp, distribute natural oils evenly, oxygenate and eliminate product build up from the scalp. 

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