Tan Mujiang

Mixed Boar Bristles Hair Brush

$79.99 USD

Material: Terminalia spp wood, boar bristle and nylon bristle

Size: 23.8*9.9*2.2 cm

Features :

+ Perfect for maintaining medium to thick hair.
+ 100% Natural wood, brush body brings out the natural beauty of wood.
+ Removing the dust, oil and dandruff.
+ Helping to prevent hair breakage and easily detangles your hair instead of pulling and ripping.
+ Boar bristles help distribute the natural oils from the root to the tip, while the nylon bristles help to detangle hair strands.

Mixed Bristle Brush:

Mixed bristle brushes are really the best of both worlds, perfect for creating and maintaining healthy hair. Besides, they are often plastic-free, so if you’re on a low waste journey, it may be the way to go.

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