FSC Certified Beech Hair Brush FSJUM-005

SKU: P114F3120002


Product description:

1. Size: 230*63*19mm, 9.06*2.48*0.75 inch
2. Select natural beech wood as the comb material, the color is as gentle as jade, and the texture is delicate and smooth.
3. Slender comb, moderate size, hand polished, rounded corners.
4. Use lines to depict the pattern of trees and tree shadows, echoing the design concept of natural, green and healthy, minimalist design, in line with contemporary aesthetics.
5. Copper combing needles can effectively comb through the knots. With the soft cushion of the hair care comb, the combing experience is more comfortable.
6. FSC Certified 100% Natural Beach Wood with high quality

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