Honesty • Hard Work • Happiness

 These are the principles we advocate. We infuse them into our work by transforming hints of nature into new and unique luxury hair products. Traditional Chinese Heritage inspires all our products, and real artisans handcraft them.

 The artisans alter raw, cold wood into finished and refined pieces of art. Beginning with robust, wedge-shaped blocks of wood, to transforming them into elegant cured masterpieces. Each final design being hand painted on the luxurious comb or brush.

 The wood itself features restorative properties. The porous nature of it allows the brush to soak up natural oils and properly distribute them to your hair, hydrating your dry and damaged locks, bringing life back into your hair.

 Whether you have naturally straight, wavy, curly, coiled, thick or fine hair, our artists design with you in mind. All our brushes and combs are carved and painted by hand with carefully selected, beautiful pieces of woods. We do this, so you can enjoy a more natural way of caring for your hair.