Tan Mujiang provide customized service for letters, chinese characters and patterns for a part of products. If there is a need for customized service, please click on button 【Chat with us】on right bottom of the page to contact us. 


About Our Customized Service: 

1. Customized products cannot be returned to their original appearance after engraving, and will not be accepted for return or exchange.

2. Engraving requirements: The number of engraving characters is within 6 Chinese characters or 10 letters (depending on the size and pattern of the comb).

3. Engraving position:

The default position is the front of the product (a large blank area on the side without logo). If the engraving content is more or less, the engraving personnel shall make reasonable adjustments.


Products that cannot be engraved:

1. Naturally dyed products, lacquer comb products, raw lacquer products and painted products: 

Due to the color on the surface of the product, once there is an error in the special production process, it cannot be reworked, which will directly lead to the scrapping of the product.

2. Bristle hair brushes, inserted tooth combs, cushion hair brush:

Both the front and back cannot be engraved, because the bristles and hair brush teeth are curved, which cannot be fixed during engraving, and are prone to ghosting or distortion.

3. Bamboo and wood slips

It is already a finished product, and the front can no longer be engraved.

4. Pendants, beads

Because the product is too small and the surface is curved, it cannot be fixed during processing and cannot provide engraving services.

 5. Mirrors 

Lettering Templates: