Tan Mujiang

Bird Hair Brush (GIFT)

$29.99 USD

Buy any product in this collection, get a bird hair brush in any color.

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About the Gift

Size:3.9 x 2.93 x 0.66 inches

Material:Guatambu Wood

+ Hand-crafted and painted to ensure quality and one of a kind hair brush.
+ Easy maintenance! Simply rinse this hair brush under cold water and allow to air dry.
+ Static free product.
+ Wooden bristles help to massage the scalp and distribute natural oils thoroughly revealing nourished hair. Say goodbye to flyaways!
+ Wide teeth reduce damage, tugging, pulling or snagging.
+ Ventilation holes in bristle pad allow for circulation and added comfort when brushing or styling.
+ Compact size is great for everyday carry or on-the-go travel. This hair brush fits anywhere you go and leaves additional room in your carry-on.
+ Suitable for all hair types and may be used on dry or wet locks.
+ Available in multiple colors and styles to suit different preferences!

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