Tan Mujiang

Bamboo Hair Comb & Mirror Set

$199.99 USD

The Bamboo Hair Comb and Mirror Set are beautiful hair care tools to add to your beauty collection. Constructed from natural wood, each hair comb and mirror casing are hand carved and painted, producing one of a kind items. Known for working wonders on hair health, wooden combs provide a number of benefits when used consistently when compared to the usual plastic alternatives. This hair comb’s wide teeth help to distribute essential natural oils from the crown to the tips, revealing nourished, soft locks and the natural wooden material provide scalp massages to stimulate blood flow and circulation.

Available in a set, this Bamboo Hair Comb comes with a stylish compact mirror. Compact cosmetic mirrors are great for hair and makeup touch-ups throughout the day and can be easily stored in a makeup bag, travel case or in an everyday carry. A simple yet functional design makes the Bamboo Hair Comb and Mirror Set a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. 

In traditional Chinese culture, bamboo symbolizes beauty and is a prime example of elegance, modesty and loyalty. Bamboo designs can be found in Chinese art, calligraphy and poetry.

Recommended Use
+ Once daily. Ensure your tips are detangled first before working your way to the crown. Once finished, work through the hair to stimulate blood flow and brush from roots to tips. Doing so helps to massage the scalp, distribute natural oils evenly, oxygenate and eliminate product build up from the scalp.

+ Size (Comb): 7 x 1.8 x 0.3 in
+ Size (Mirror): 3.3 x 2.4 x 0.3 in
+ Handcrafted and painted from high quality natural wood.
+ Anti-Static and detangling properties help reveal healthy, smooth hair.
+ Unique bristles massage the scalp and distribute natural oils for nourished, moisturized strands.
+ Reduces hair loss. Plastic alternatives are more prone to snagging when in use, resulting in breakage.

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