Tan Mujiang

Deer Style Cosmetic Desktop Mirror

$33.99 USD $39.99 USD

This desktop vanity mirror is a perfect addition to your home or travel bag. Featuring a simple build, this desktop cosmetic mirror offers beautiful wood craftsmanship in a doe silhouette and a large mirror canvas that is suitable for many beauty routines such as styling hair,  applying makeup, using skin care cosmetics, or when detailed application is needed. Cleverly hidden is a magnetic backing that works as a holder for your smartphone or tablet, making it easier to watch preferred entertainment videos while getting ready. 

This desktop vanity mirror is versatile and easy to disassemble for mobility.  The mirror itself can also be removed and provides a slim form for easy packing when traveling or going on a weekend trip. Alternatively, it can also be stored away in your bag and easily used for touch-ups throughout the day. Each piece is handmade and makes a lovely gift for yourself, a friend or family member. Available in different styles to fit anyone’s taste!

Product Highlights:
+ Perfect for hygienic grooming such as tweezing eyebrows, upper lip and facial areas.
+ Unique hand-crafted wooden base.
+ Removable mirror face for easy storage, mobility and packing.
+ Magnetic backing for versatile use.
+ Fun and simple design that is great for all ages.

Product Dimensions:

Wooden Base: 3.3 x 2.1 x 3.12 inches
Mirror: 3.9 x 4.45 x .47 inches

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