Tan Mujiang

FSC Certified Beech Wood Metal Pin hairbrush

$49.99 USD

Material: Natural beech wood

Size: 25*8.5*1.5 cm, 9.84*3.35*0.59 inch


FSC Certified 100% Natural Beech Wood with high quality
+ Cushion brush is effective at stimulating the scalp and are good for brushing out dandruff or buildup from hair styling products, and possibly for stimulating hair growth..
Metal bristles really shine when they are used for getting rid of very stubborn snarls. In addition, they can be used to brush out curly hairdos without creating much frizz.
+ Durable and comfortable. Wide body and handle design makes it easy to hold and easy to use.
+We carefully select the lumber for its grain patterns and then use the finishing process to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

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