Tan Mujiang

Gardenia Paddle Hair Brush

$123.99 USD

Material: Verawood

Size:20*5.8*1.8cm   7.9*2.3*0.71 inches


+ 100% Natural wood, promoting hair and scalp health and much more hygienic. 
+ Hand-crafted and painted by craftsmen with decades experience. 
+ Paddle brush will keep your hair smooth, straight, and detangled without causing too much discomfort in the process.
+ Wood bristles help distribute oils from your scalp throughout the hair evenly.

Pattern:  Gardenia Flower

Gardenia flower symbolize purity and gentleness. It has long been given as a traditional flower for special occasions in France. If given to a man in England in early years, it was viewed as a harbinger of good luck.

Recommended Use

Flip your head upside down to stimulate blood flow and brush from roots to tails, which helps to massage the scalp and distribute natural oils. 

Padded ventilation and its uniquely shaped handle allow for easy grip and comfort while styling and brushing.

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