Tan Mujiang

Ebony Hair Comb Breeze&Bamboo

$131.99 USD

Material: Ebony Wood

Size: 20x5x0.8cm  Package Dimension:25x11.5x4cm


+ Pattern is hand-painted, using minor color but vividly showing dragonfly and bamboo forest, like an ink painting. 
+ Handcrafted and painted from high-quality ebony wood.
+ Anti-Static and detangling dry or wet hair.
+ Compared to plastic alternatives, wooden combs better reduce hair loss and breakage.

Pattern:  Dragonfly in bamboo forest

Bamboo is a symbol of strength, flexibility, and health. More than a mere model of brute force, the one who knows when to give in and how to sway in the breeze is the one who will truly weather the storm and survive.

Combing Tips

+ Avoid metal or cheap plastic combs, whose edges can lacerate individual strands.
Be gentle and don’t overdo it.
Brush out knots before even getting in the shower.
Wet hair is swollen by 20-30% , roughly combing it when it is wet.
Always work out tangles starting from your ends.

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