Tan Mujiang

Hand Painted Wooden Bangle 2 Pcs Set

$144.99 USD

Material: Chacate Preto

Size : 7.7*0.7 cm    2.5*8 cm 

Package dimension: 23*14*3.6 cm 


 + The set includes a half-round resin bangle and a slim resin bangle. Polished to a satin smooth touch, with a matching color.
+ The slim bracelet is in the color of red bean, which is bright. The gorgeous and colorful patterns on the costumes of the Tang Dynasty are painted on the half-round bangle, and the large-scale group flowers are exquisite and beautiful.
+ Each bracelet is individually hand-crafted with love and care by our master artisans. Securely packed with a gift box, a decent present for your wife, mom, girlfriend, sister, or anyone on birthday, Christmas, valentine's day, graduation, Mother’s Day, wedding or party, etc.

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