Hourglass Body Massager with Scraper

SKU: C40000000045


In Eastern Asian Medicine, Massaging and Scraping (known as Gua Sha) is a technique that not only relieves stress and tension but is said to also to amplify and move energy around the body. It is believed that the reason reason a body has muscle tension would be because when too much energy is misplaced it causes the body to ache. 


Shape: The hourglass shape makes for the perfect grip. Easily hold on to the massager and make circular motions onto the skin. 

Size: 7.8 x 5.5 x 2.28 inches

Bristles: The thick bead bristles are uniquely shaped in order to gently apply pressure to inflamed/ irritated parts of the body. 

Hand-Carved/Painted: These brushes are incredibly unique, they have been carved by hand and painted for quality. 


Pain: Hand Massagers and Scrapers are both beneficial in relieving muscle soreness and inflammation. Because of its size, this massager is perfect in aiding soreness in the neck, back, legs and feet. 

Illnesses: By relieving the pressure throughout the body, it is shown to aid in helping handle fibrosis and early stages of menopause. They are also good for relieving headaches. 

Anxiety: The calming circular motion of a massage brush aids in mental health and can help relax the body, assisting with anxiety. 

Reduces Cellulite: The continuous motion over time of using the beads and scraper over your body helps break up cellulite and reduce its appearance. 

Improves Skin: Scrapers are known to assist in rejuvenating the skin by opening up the circulation. They assist in bringing your youthful glow and tightening up your skin. 

Product Description: 

This beautiful hand crafted massager is the perfect addition to any beauty routine. The simplistic look makes the product easy to handle and use. For best results, use daily and feel as your aches and pains are massaged away. 

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