Tan Mujiang

Body Massager & Guasha Board Set

$51.99 USD

Massager Size: 13*7.5cm

Guasha Board Size: 10*5.76cm

Material: Blackwood & Buffalo Horn

+ Thick massage nodules are uniquely shaped and specialize in applying suitable pressure levels to inflamed and affected parts of the body.
+ Guasha board can be used for face lifting.
+ This is a massage set, one for all body and face and neck massage. 
+ Easy for storage, guasha board is inlayed at the back of wood massager. 


+Pain: Body massagers and dry brushes are known to relieve muscle soreness and inflammation. Hand-crafted to fit comfortably in the user’s hand for easy use and quick relief to common problem areas such as the back, legs, neck, shoulders and feet.
+Anxiety: Setting time aside for this daily routine helps to relax and reduce anxiety. Massage and dry brushing has been seen to aid in improving overall mental health, relaxation and melting away anxiety.
+Skin Improvement: Dry brushing is wonderful for natural exfoliation and increasing circulation. With consistent use, smoother, tighter, more vibrant and youthful skin is revealed. 

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