Tan Mujiang

Love Dove Wedding Comb


In Chinese tradition, before the wedding ceremony, a combing ritual takes place. This ritual is done to both the bride a groom. It helps with their transition into adulthood. There will be four blessings for each combing from a woman of good fortune (in most cases the mother of the bride/groom). The blessing consist of the following: lasting marriage, blessed and harmonious marriage, grandchildren and longevity.

These wedding combs are in the color red. Red is a symbol of good luck and happiness. The two combs not only unite the to be married couple but after the ceremonies take place, the families will be united as well and will share the happiness.

Benefits of Wooden Combs:

  • Helps Regrow Hair: Wooden combs and brushes have the ability to give your head a scalp massage. By simply brushing your hair daily the teeth will increase blood flow and bring hair nutrients to the root of your hair follicles. Doing this will help with speeding up the hair growth process
  • Anti-Static: Because of wood's properties you will not have staticy hair after you brush.
  • Conditions Hair: Wood is very porous and due to this natural oils in your hair will be absorbed and evenly disturbed throughout your hair. This will keep your hair follicles from being dry.
  • Helps with Dandruff: Since wood properties help evenly distribute oils throughout you hair, wooden combs and brushes will help keep your scalp from getting dry which causes dandruff.
  • Minimizes Hair Loss: Plastic bristles and combs will snag and break your hair. Wooden combs glide through hair causing less hair on the comb when you are finished.
  • Product Description: This pair of wedding combs has shows two doves, one on each comb. The Dove symbolizes love & marriage. The Dove represents longevity and filial piety, essential qualities for a long lasting, happy marriage.

    The red color is meant to bring good luck to both parties. Once the perspective combing ritual are completed the combs together create one heart, demonstrating both the bride and groom as well as their families as one united family.

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