Tan Mujiang

Mirror & Wooden Comb Set with A Pair of Koi Pattern

$79.99 USD

Material: Chacate Preto Wood

Size : Comb: 14*5*0.8 cm  Mirror: 7*9*0.8 cm

Package Dimension: 25*20*4 cm


+ Made from natural Chacate Preto wood, well polished, smooth And seamless.
+ Handcrafted and painted by craftsmen with decades' experience to ensure quality and one-of-a-kind hairbrushes.
+ Non-static, the teeth are well spaced and don't feel sharp against your scalp and don't tend to pull or scratch your scalp.
+ Comes with birthday gift package, good choice as a birthday gift for friends. 

A pair of carp symbol:

The carp pattern on a wooden comb can carry a rich tapestry of meanings, from strength and resilience to good luck and personal growth. Its presence adds not only aesthetic appeal but also layers of cultural and symbolic significance to the everyday act of hair care.

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