Tan Mujiang

Cercis Flower Paddle hair brush

$75.99 USD

Material: Paurosa

Size:22.5*9*1cm   8.86*3.5*0.39 inches


+ Handmade by experienced craftsmen, ensuring superior quality and attention to detail.
+ The brush is delicately painted by skilled artisans, adding a touch of flower elegance and uniqueness to each piece.
+ The entire bottom and handle of the brush are made from high-quality wood, providing durability, sustainability, and a natural aesthetic appeal.
+ Gentle on both hair and scalp, minimizing breakage and promoting healthy hair growth.
Dual Bristle Options: Choose between metal bristles for effective detangling or wood bristles for a gentle and soothing brushing experience, catering to different hair types and preferences:
  • Metal bristlesMetal brushes really shine when they are used for getting rid of very stubborn snarls.  In addition, they can be used to brush out curly hairdos without creating much frizz.
  • Wooden bristles:Wooden tiny tips on the end of each bristle help massage your scalp, increasing blood flow to hair roots. Gently stimulating your scalp and distributing natural wood oils.

Pattern:Cercis Canadensis, also called as Redbud
The Redbud symbolizes America’s springtime. The brilliant pink blooms stand out like little neon signs wherever they grow.

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