Tan Mujiang

Springtime hair comb

$45.99 USD

Material: Chacate Preto

Size: 16*4*0.8 cm   Package dimension25*11.5*3.5cm

Process: The process of wood splicing. The process of wood splicing adopts scientific and reasonable wood fitting method to give full play to the characteristics of the wood itself, greatly improves the strength and deformation resistance of the wooden combs and overcomes the defect that natural wooden combs are easy to break and deform. At the same time, the fitting of different materials makes both the structure and color of the wooden combs richer. The wooden combs made with the process of wood splicing have great strength and good resistance to deformation, so they are not easy to break or deform and will not be damaged by water. Do not soak spliced wooden products in hot water above 60 ℃. 

Maintenance: Regular play can make the surface of the combs more lustrous. Take care not to drop them to avoid destroying their lacquer surface. Strong light and intense heat will make the wood and lacquer surface stretch. Due to the different expansion coefficients, the stretch may cause fine cracks on the lacquer surface and damage the appearance of the combs.

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