Tan Mujiang

Sugar Bird


Super cute Bird Brushes make an excellent addition to your hair care routine. Instead of having 3 different brushes for wet, tangled and hard to work with hair, this brush can work with any hair condition and bring new life into your hair. Each brush is hand crafted and unique, created to ensure that its style matches your personality. This adorable woodland creature will be a perfect fit to add to your hair care collection. Cute and small, you might have to collect them all! Build your collection of handcrafted, beautiful brushes.

Hand painted enhance your decor or match your style
Hand carved from quality wood, each one will add a whimsical piece to your beauty bag
Easily cleaned: just rinse in cold water and dry immediately
Static Free Brush
Massaging scalp feature increases blood flow to help with healthier hair
Brush measures 3.9*2.93*0.66 making it the perfect palm held brush and small enough for travel
Natural wooden bristles are gentle and durable
Naturally condition your hair and distribute your hair's oil
Wide bristles make it less likely that they will break your hair
Ventilation hole in bristle pad promotes a soft, cushioning effect while brushing
The Bird Brush can stand on its side to keep the bristles from getting dirty

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