Tan Mujiang

Wood Tooth-inserted Hair Comb

$32.99 USD

Size: 7.09*1.77*0.59 inches

Material: Guibourtia

+ Made by 100% natural wood.
+ More durable and functional through more than 20 processes.
+ Removing tangles and shedding hairs that can cause matting, knots, and ultimately, breakage.
+ Boosting blood flow on your hair gently while detangling every strand of hair.


Tooth-inserted Hair Comb:

Tan Mujiang's tooth-inserted technology is granted a patent. To improve hair comb's durability and brushing experience, we succeeded in making such a functional hair comb after numerous experiments. The back of comb with inserted tooth is made from parallel-to-grain materials, which has great strength and not easy to break. Every tooth-inserted hair comb is made over 20 processes. It's great at detangling your hair.

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