Tan Mujiang

Teeth Inserted Hair Comb CQCGB0101

$39.99 USD

Recommended Use

+ Once daily. Ensure your tips are detangled first before working your way to the crown. Once finished, work through the hair to stimulate blood flow and brush from roots to tips. Doing so helps to massage the scalp, distribute natural oils evenly, oxygenate and eliminate product build up from the scalp.



Size:8.7x1.9 x 0.6 inches
+ Handcrafted and painted from high quality natural wood.
+ Anti-Static and detangling properties help reveal healthy, smooth hair.
+ Unique bristles massage the scalp and distribute natural oils for nourished, moisturized strands.


The process of comb teeth inserting is one of TAN Mujiang's patented technologies, specially applied to the production of combs with inserted teeth. The back of the combs with inserted teeth is made from parallel-to-grain materials, which has great strength and not easy to break; the tooth body is regular cylindrical and smooth; the teeth are round and smooth, which can help effectively massage the scalp. Since the comb teeth are arranged in a double row or multiple rows and the space between teeth is slightly larger than other combs, suitable for long, curly, dense hair.

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