Tan Mujiang

Wild Sunset Hair Brush

$156.99 USD


+ Size: 9.05 x 3.58 x 0.7 inches
+Padded cushion give scalp a massage which promotes hair growth
+ Heavy weight handle and brush for a more controlled brush
+ Handcrafted from high quality natural wood.
+ Anti-Static and detangling properties help reveal healthy, smooth hair.
+ Unique bristles massage the scalp and distribute natural oils for nourished, moisturized strands.
+ Reduces hair loss. Plastic alternatives are more prone to snagging when in use, resulting in breakage.

About the Pattern


The flower embossed on the brush resembles a wildflower. Wildflowers contain all sorts of symbolizations, from inspiration to protection to even best wishes. The wildflower is beautifully painted using colors that resemble a sunset, which represents beauty and the mystery of life itself. All together this brush symbolizes the beauty of life and all of its unknown possibilities. 

Recommended Use

+ Once daily. Ensure your tips are detangled first before working your way to the crown. Once finished, work through the hair to stimulate blood flow and brush from roots to tips. Doing so helps to massage the scalp, distribute natural oils evenly, oxygenate and eliminate product build up from the scalp.


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