Tan Mujiang

Wooden Comb, Panda eats bamboo

$46.99 USD

Material: Chacate Preto

Size : 18*4.35*0.8 cm

Package Dimension: 24.8*10.8*3.9 cm


+ Pattern is hand-painted, showing 2 pandas play and eat the bamboo. 
+ Handcrafted and painted from high-quality wood.
+ Long wood handle, easy to use.
+ Compared to plastic alternatives, wooden combs better reduce hair loss and breakage.


Combing Tips

Avoid metal or cheap plastic combs, whose edges can lacerate individual strands.
+ Be gentle and don’t overdo it.
Brush out knots before even getting in the shower.
Wet hair is swollen by 20-30% , roughly combing it when it is wet.
Always work out tangles starting from your ends.

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