Tan Mujiang

Wooden Hair Brush-Koi Fish Pattern

$199.99 USD

Material: Ebony Wood

Size : 23*7.5*2 cm  

Package Dimension: 26.7*12*7 cm


+ Crafted from high-quality ebony wood, this brush is durable, sustainable, and offers a natural aesthetic appeal.
+ The paddle shape provides excellent coverage for detangling and styling, making it suitable for all hair types.
+ Each brush features a vibrant and intricate koi fish design, painted by skilled artisans for a unique and artistic touch.
+ The gentle bristles glide smoothly through hair, reducing breakage and promoting a healthier scalp.
+ Suitable for wet or dry hair, this brush is perfect for everyday grooming and styling needs.
Pattern Design Symbolism:

The koi fish holds deep symbolism in many cultures, representing perseverance, strength, and transformation. In Chinese culture, koi fish are associated with good luck, courage, and overcoming adversity. The vibrant colors and graceful movements of koi fish inspire feelings of harmony, balance, and positive energy.

With our Ebony Wood Paddle Hair Brush adorned with a koi fish pattern, you not only enhance your hair care routine but also invite the symbolism of luck, resilience, and beauty into your daily life. Embrace the artistry and symbolism of the koi fish with this exceptional hair brush.

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