Wooden Teeth Inserted Hair Comb

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This Hair Comb Use high quality and natural wood which is handmade by CARPENTER TAN's carpenters. We use inserted tooth technology which is CARPENTER TAN's patent and hand-polished by our carpenters to promise the comb smoothly and sleekly. In this way, it could touch your hair effectively and especially comfortable for long and curly hair. The hair comb's back is fit for the wood lines, so that it make this comb hard to break and feel comfortable.


1993 The legend of one wooden comb started in a dilapidated pig breeding farm.

1998 The first chain store was set up in Sichuan.

2003 The ISO9001: 2000 comprehensive quality management system was established.

2005 The first overseas store was set up in Singapore.

2009 CARPENTER TAN was successfully listed in Hong Kong.

2017 CARPENTER TAN has over 1,200 chain stores in China, South Asia, the US, Canada, etc.


CARPENTER TAN is a special company, more than 300 among is over 800 employees are handicapped. By 2015, the company had donated nearly 10 million yuan in total and positively contributed to the society.

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