7 Odd Facts About Your Hair

If you are a hair addict like the rest of us it's likely you have done a lot of research on it. Like what shampoo to use, what brush is the best but have you ever seen the odd facts about your hair? No? Well then this post is perfect for you. So get ready because we are going over 7 odd facts about hair.

1.First odd thing we are going over is that your hair is made from the same thing as animals claws and horns. Keratin is the protein found in hair and many parts of animals, including hooves and feathers.

2.You lose 50 to 90 strands of hair a day! Which sounds like a lot but don’t fret your body is use to it and the second they fall out a brand new hair starts to grow. Typically the lifespan of a hair is 2 to 6 years and it has 3 phases in its lifespan. The phases are called Anagen which is the growth phase and takes about 3 years, Catagen the resting phase for about 3 weeks  and Telogen which is the falling off phase that usually takes about 3 months. Each hair strand grows independently from others and undergoes its own cycle.

3.Hair contains so much more information about your everyday life than you think. Experts say that hair has information on everything that has ever been in your bloodstream. This is used a lot for forensic evidence and can also detect any drugs someone has used. All of that in just a single hair!. The only thing hair can’t tell genetically is a person's gender. Women and men's hair have the exact same structure.

4.Most people don’t really know how little of the population is blonde. Only 2 percent of the world's population is naturally blonde, and even less than that is the 1 percent for natural red hair.  Most common is black and in second place is brown.

5.There actually was a study to see if blondes really do have more fun. Sadly, the study found that children with blonde hair are more likely to be shy and have a harder time having ‘‘fun’. So maybe it's best to embrace the color you have and have a good time.

6.Ever wonder why Goosebumps happen? Well when you are cold or fearful your hair contracts and triggers the skin and hair around it to bunch up. Basically it is caused by muscles contracting that are connected to each hair.

7.When thinking about your hair do you think about how strong it is? Most people talk about how fragile their hair is but it has been proven that a single hair strand can support about 3 ounces (100 grams) in weight. So if you multiply 100 grams by the average 100,000-150,000 strands on a person's head you find out that a head of hair can hold up 12 tons! That's the same as holding up two elephants. Isn’t that just crazy?