Blow Drying Your Hair

Hair is a constant worry, we are constantly damaging it with heat related products. On normal occasions you should try your best to not put too much heat on your hair, however sometimes it is impossible not to. The blow dryer is often the culprit to excess dry, brittle hair and scalp.

Picking out the right dryer is half the battle. You want to look for a dryer putting out at least 1,800 watts with multiple heat settings. This way you can have high heat to manipulate your hair (like keeping those pesky bangs in the right direction!)

Hair Dryer Nozzle

The oblong cone that comes with your hair dryer is an excellent tool to assist with keeping the heat off your hair. The tool simply clips onto your hair dryer and will keep a safe distance away from your hair and scalp.

Using a Round Brush or Brushes

Using the Dragonfly Grace Hair brush while blow drying using a brush can not only help speed up the blow-drying time but it will also help straighten strands. When picking out a brush you want a wooden brush that will not be pulling out your hair as you are drying. That will only further damage strands.

Heat Protectant

Even when you are just blow drying your hair, be sure to spray a protectant on your hair. It is important to keep as much heat as you can off your hair. This will keep it from being brittle and break.

Blow drying your hair is an annoying task especially with all the add-ons that are meant to keep your hair in tip top shape. But in order to protect your hair it is important to keep these tasks in mind. Finish your hair off with one of our all wooden hand carved/hand painted combs or brushes, to redistribute your natural oils.