Hair & Brush Maintenance

It can be hard to decide how often you should brush your hair in order to keep it looking its best! Let’s go over a couple tips and guidelines on how to properly care for your hair as well as your brush.


How Often Should You Brush Your Hair:

Not only does brushing your hair promote healthier hair by stimulating your scalp  but it also disperses natural oils throughout your hair keeping your hair hydrated and nourished. Depending on your hair you may need to do a bit more maintenance than other hair types.

FINE or OILY Hair: Fine hair usually calls for a bit more maintenance. Due to fly-aways and grease buildup you should brush your hair twice daily. This will help keep your hair hydrated and maintained.

CURLY or THICK Hair: Thick or coarse hair can get frizzy or puff up after you brush through it. Instead,  use a comb to detangle during a shower.

WET Hair: Always use a wide tooth comb when dealing with wet hair. If you use a brush with bristles you are more likely to snag and break your hair. When hair follicles are wet they are more fragile, and easier to damage.


Bristles or Teeth? 

Brush: Brushes are perfect for detangling. Wooden bristles will gently detangle your hair while adding shine. Experience the feeling of smooth and silky locks after every brush. A wooden brush is perfect for dry tangled hair because it will help distribute oil from your ends to your scalp.

Comb: If you are working with wet hair, always use a thick wide tooth comb. The wide spaces will allow for less breakage as well as reducing split ends.


Taking Care of Your Brush/Comb:

Taking care of your wooden masterpiece is very simple, but also very important to upkeep.

Step 1: Use a metal tailed comb to clean out any hair in the bristles. Cleaning out any loose hair that may block the padding of the brush.

Step 2: When cleansing your comb do not hold it under water for too long. This could cause the brush to split or crack over time. After you rinse it off be sure to pat it dry in order to keep the wood from soaking in.

Hair maintenance is important. Between blow-drying, straightening, dry shampoo and even different hair products, your hair undergoes a lot of damage. Using the proper tools and keeping up on cleaning them will help you have healthier hair.

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