Choosing The Perfect Brush, Everytime

Between Paddles, Ovals, Combs and Round Travel Brushes, there are so many potential hairbrushes to choose from. Each different brush has a purpose. Trying to figure out which hairbrush is will help your hair the most can be difficult. Let’s make it simpler, and pick apart which brush is best for what type of hair.

Paddle: Large paddle brushes with cushions are perfect for longer hair, whether your hair is fine or thick the bristles will be able to penetrate your roots and create a smooth, sleep shiny style.  Because a paddle brush is so wide, it will provide a scalp massage thus increasing the blood flow throughout your scalp promoting hair growth. The flexibility of the brush has proven to detangle and straighten hair. The soft cushion with ventilated hole helps with preventing static and frizz.

Oval Brush: The Oval shape to our brushes will lead to less hair breakage. The versatility of this brush makes it the most prominent brush for a hairstylist. Oval brushes can be used in both forward and reverse due to its shape and design. Brushing in reverse will add volume to your hair.

Round Travel Brush: A small round travel brush will allow you to keep up on your hair care regimen without sacrificing your hair health.  

Combs: Combs are perfect for short hair. Their teeth will make your hair smooth and shiny while distributing natural oils throughout your hair. When your hair is wet using a wide tooth comb can save your hair from breaking.

Choose the right brush for your hair type and experience healthier,smoother hair. Hair itself is so fragile and easy to break. It is important to always brush your hair with care and a sense of gentleness. The natural benefits of wood