Food For Thought

Hair grows at average approximately ¼ inch a month, which isn’t that much and that much. That number however can vary depending on age, health, genetics an of course your diet.

Now there are a lot of factors that you can’t change your age, or genetics, but you can change (for the most part) your health with your diet. By adding a few different foods to your diet and subtracting the foods that you know aren’t so great for you will not only help your hair grow but it will make your hair and body healthier.


Fatty fish are perfect for your skin and hair. The omega-3 in the fish (like salmon) will promote hair density.  A popular over the counter supplement if you don’t like the taste of fish is fish oil.

This supplement is a great source of vitamin D3 and B which also help with brittle, dry hair. It will also help with hair loss.


Yes, I am sure you are tired of this avocado craze, but there are good reasons for it. Avocados are multipurpose: they not only are creamy, make a good base and they are good for your hair. While you can create a hair mask with them you can also ingest them to experience their benefits.

Avocados are incredibly rich in vitamin E. They can protect your scalp from stress and damage.


Nuts are not just a tasty snack. They are also having fatty acids, zinc and vitamins engrained into them. Making them not only beneficial to your hair but your body as well. Adding nuts to your diet can help lower your risk for inflammation and heart disease.


Popeye would be proud. Spinach is a healthy nutrient packed vegetable that has an impeccable source of iron. Iron is essential to help grow stronger hair which will lead to less breakage.


Eggs aren’t just for your brain. They don’t just help you lose weight and keep your diet under control, they are also great for your hair and skin. Egg yolks are very fatty but a good kind of fat richness. Eggs contain Vitamin A & E as well as Biotin all which help with strengthen and grow your hair. 


At the end of the end, everything relates back to your diet. Making sure you are fueling your body correctly will have a positive effect on the rest of your features. Your skin will be more hydrated and your hair will be stronger as it grows.