Don't Get Heated

Blow Drying, Flat Ironing and Curling puts so much heat on your hair. It can cause breakage and irreparable damage. Instead of plugging in, take time to look for alternative ways to not cause so much wear on your hair. 

There are some phenomenal easy to follow tutorials on YouTube showing exactly how to do all of these different techniques, so here I am going to talk about my favorites. 

  1. French Braid: This one is a classic, taking me back to ballerina days. When you have damp or dry hair simply apply a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair from becoming brittle. Leave this tight braid in overnight. The tighter the braid, the tighter the curl or wave in the morning. In the morning when you take out the braids be sure to spray your roots with either a dry shampoo or hair spray to give them a little bit of extra volume after being tied down all night. The WA-LA you’ll notice that your hair is perfectly wave without using any heat.
  2. Curl Formers: Curl formers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. There are some that performed curls. While your hair is damp, using a hook device you can slide the the curl onto your hairs. Leaving these in over an extended period of time will form your hair into the shape of the curler. Some are comfortable to sleep in while some it would be best to just blow dry until they are ready. 
  3. Straws: this takes some serious determination and and a lot of straws. There are tons of tutorials on this method. First your hair must be wet or damp,  you take a small strand of hair and wrap it around the straw tying the straw off when it is all wrapped up. After your hair has dried you simply u the straws. This will give you a pin curl look. They will be tight ringlets, then just use a little bit of hairspray and go on throughout your day!
  4. Buns: This is my favorite method.It is the least time consuming and is perfect if you are looking for more of a relaxed curl, wave like hair style. For this all that is required is to put your hair in a ponytail, spray with a water bottle and then wrap the tail around your ponytail band, and secure with bobby pins or another band. For more curls make several buns instead of just one. 

Using less heat on your hair will give you healthier hair in the long run. Just a warning to be careful if you choose to sleep in any of these products, so that they don't pull on the hair.  Enjoy having curly hair without the added damage! Be sure to brush your hair after the day using your wooden comb by Tan Mujiang. 

Love is in the Hair

-Tan Mujiang