Tan Mujiang "Color Box Salon" lands at the 2021 Macau International Cultural Fair Industry Expo

On December 9, the 6th Macau International Cultural Industry Expo opened in Macau to deepen cultural exchanges and jointly promote the prosperity of the cultural industry.  The wooden comb brand Tan Mujiang moved a beautifully furnished and classically decorated " Color Box Salon " to the scene.

TMJ Color Salon Box

Color Box Salon is the first pop-up store with the theme of national style created by Tan Mujiang. The beauty of craftsmanship and the beauty of combing make the public see a national style brand full of fashion. Tan Mujiang 's booth is really the most unique and interesting booth here. It is both beautiful and fun. Ms. Li from Macau University of Science and Technology said to the on-site staff.

color salon box-Macao

Tan Mujiang, who has been deeply involved in the comb industry for many years, is committed to making a comb of the world. Even if it is blocked by the COVID-19, he never gives up his corporate vision. On the one hand, it inherits Chinese traditional crafts and culture. On the other hand, it continuously subverts itself and innovates, strives for perfection, and constantly seeks to provide consumers with the best wooden comb products. At the same time, it uses "comb" as the medium to show the unique temperament of oriental beauty.

Color Box Salon-Macao

 Color Box Salon has been held in Chengdu, Beijing, and Qingdao, the response has been enthusiastic. With this Macao Cultural Fair, Tan Mujiang 's first visit to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is expected to expand Tan Mujiang 's brand force in the Greater Bay Area and the entire Southeast Asia region to help Tan Mujiang to go global.