Tan Mujiang Opens Store in Toronto

Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto, Canada is now the new home for a Tan Mujiang storefront. According to Craig Patterson at Retail Insider,  the store is a “612 square foot store located between Peoples Jewellers and Mobile Snap on the mall’s second-level, directly across from the Pandora store.”

Tan Mujiang currently has over 1,200 stores open and plans on opening 12 more stores this year. Tan Mujiang has not revealed where these 12 stores will be located, just that they will be overseas.

Tan Mujiang prides itself on creating unique brushes, combs and beauty accessories that showcase traditional Chinese charm. Each piece is handcrafted and painted with unique designs.

To read the full article on Tan Mujiang’s newest store opening, click this link to the article on Retail Insider